The Effect of Social Isolation for Seniors and How Connect Care Solutions Can Help

December 15, 2020
By Steve Abate, Executive Vice President, Healthcare Division of Connect America | December 15, 2020 As we embark upon the holiday season, we anticipate this year’s celebrations will look a lot different from previous years. Most families face difficult decisions surrounding travel and visiting with their loved ones. Many seniors will be forced to celebrate […]

Remote Patient Monitoring: The Solution to Closing Care Gaps in Rural Areas

September 15, 2020
Across the country, telehealth solutions are helping to close gaps in care in areas where healthcare consumers would otherwise face considerable challenges.

Health Effects of Social Isolation and Loneliness

July 1, 2020
In these unprecedented times, we’re presented with a unique opportunity to leverage technology and telehealth solutions to fill the gaps that have been created by physical distancing measures, and help older adults combat the negative health effects of loneliness.

Telehealth: Lessons from COVID-19 and the Outlook for the Home Healthcare Movement

June 9, 2020
As the need for social distancing continues and people are increasingly encouraged to stay at home whenever possible, Home and Community-Based Service providers (HCBS) are introducing new telehealth resources to give their high-risk and vulnerable older adult populations desperately needed care and support.

Telehealth Solutions: Transforming the Way FQHCs Do Healthcare

May 15, 2020
At Connect America, we enjoy the honor of working side-by-side with FQHCs and other healthcare organizations, helping them navigate challenges and implement integrated, comprehensive RPM programs.