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Connected Health Solutions

Benefit Medicare Advantage Plans

Connected Health Solutions, including personal emergency response systems (PERS) and remote patient monitoring, can help reduce healthcare costs, improve member outcomes and enhance engagement. As a result, Medicare Advantage Plans throughout the country are offering these services as member benefits.


Reduce Healthcare Costs
and Improve Outcomes

Reduce hospital admissions and length of stay


Connect your members with the right care at the right time. PERS help eliminate unnecessary emergency department visits and hospitalizations by providing a timely and appropriate response when help is needed.


Remote Patient Monitoring

Our highly customizable remote patient monitoring (RPM) program helps to reduce health care utilization by providing real-time actionable data triggering early intervention.

Increase Membership

Differentiating your plan by offering Connected Health Solutions helps you to stand apart from the competition, acquire new members and retain existing members. By partnering with Connect America, you’ll offer members a level of service they will not find elsewhere.

Enhance Member Satisfaction

Your members will experience increased confidence and peace of mind knowing that someone is there for them with immediate response and preventive care. In addition to 24/7 monitoring through PERS, remote patient monitoring allows you to proactively improve members’ health and safety.

A Reputation You Can Trust

Connect America’s Connected Health Solutions enable you to provide members with peace of mind and independence while delivering better medical outcomes at reduced costs. Over the past 35 years, Connect America has provided Connected Health Solutions to over 1,000 healthcare organizations. We have provided services to more than a million subscribers nationwide.

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