The Problem Sweetwater Faced

Ever since the pandemic Sweetwater, a single-family clinic family practice from Texas has been short-staffed. This led to challenging monitoring their at-risk patients – most commonly patients with hypertension and obesity. Patients with these two chronic conditions also called the office often to check in or seek care. The incoming calls were voluminous.

The Remote Patient Monitoring Fix

Sweetwater partnered with 100Plus and their AI-assisted remote patient monitoring (RPM) to help lessen the burden and overworking of staff. The devices were sent to enrolled patients, such as pulse oximeters to measure blood oxygen levels along with the blood pressure cuff, scale and glucometer. A significant portion of onboarding and patient communications was also done using the AI virtual assistant.

Results with Remote Patient Monitoring

With the addition of 100Plus’ RPM Sweetwater was able to create efficiencies in taking patient vitals. The real-time data and automatic recording of patient readings in the portal allowed for easy review of the data and enabled Sweetwater to reach out and engage patients armed with that data.

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