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Remote Patient Monitoring

Connect America’s remote patient monitoring (RPM) solutions help to bridge the gap between patients and their healthcare providers.
Healthcare providers receive actionable insights based on daily patient vitals collected in the home.

Connect America’s RPM solution enable providers to:

Identify Potential Problems Faster

Take Early Action to Update Care Plans

Mitigate or Avoid More Serious Problems

How Connect America’s RPM Works

  • Collect Vitals: Patients take their daily vitals with easy-to-use, Bluetooth-enabled devices including scales, blood pressure cuffs and glucometers.
  • Aggregate Data: Bluetooth devices relay patient vitals to a hub, such as a PERS base station or their own tablet, which aggregates daily vitals with relevant data from their patient portal and electronic medical records (EMR).
  • Monitor Results: Analytics powered by the ConnectVitals Insights Engine provide alerts with actionable information and recommendations to healthcare providers monitoring daily patient vitals.
  • Update Care Plan: Healthcare providers adjust the patients care plan to provide intervention or mitigate potential issues.

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To learn how Connect America’s RPM solutions can benefit your patients or members, please call 800-815-5809 or request a demo.

Our Highly Configurable RPM Model

Whether your organization is new RPM or has been using remote monitoring for years, Connect America can deliver an RPM soltuin to fit your needs.
Collection devices can communicate with diverse selection of HUBs, including personal computers, mobile devices or a Connect America PERS.
HUBS securely integrte with EMR, patient prtals and other essential integrated systems.
Our RPM portal is configurable to align to your care pathways.
Our bring your own device 9BYOD0 model aallows providers to access the RPM portal from anywhere.

See What Our Partners Have to Say

“We have been thrilled with Connect America! ConnectVitals is a huge improvement over our previous provider. We are able to give new equipment and enhanced technology features to our members while reducing costs. They truly partner with us and actively help us grow the program.”
– Michelle M. – St. Peter’s Health Partners

Actionable Insights for Early Intervention

The ConnectVitals Insights Engine provides the analytic core of Connect Ammerica’s RPM solutions. ConnectVitals analyzes daily patient vitals in conjunction with data pulled from your patient portal and EMR to bring the most important and urgent cases to the forefront.
Through ConnectVitals, we stratify participating patients based on a combination of evidenced-based risks factors, including:
  • Social and physical determinants of health
  • Past medical history
  • Recent health care utilization
  • In-home captured physiological data and assessment data
ConnectVitals is a proprietary member prioritization algorith developed by Connect America along with Versatile MED Analytics.

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    To learn how Connect America’s RPM solutions can benefit your patients or members, please call 800-815-5809 or request a demo using the form below.