The Newly Released CareSage Analytics and Reporting Platform Delivers Predictive Insights, Population-Based Reporting and Risk Stratification, Enabling Earlier Interventions and Dramatically Reducing Healthcare Costs

Bala Cynwyd, PA – May 23, 2023 – Connect America, the nationally recognized innovator in virtual connective care solutions in the home that enable older adults and those living with chronic conditions to stay safe and well in place, today announced the release of CareSage, its next-generation analytics and reporting platform.

CareSage turns critical health data into actionable information by providing insights that enable earlier interventions and more proactive care to support patient and member populations living at home. The newly released version of the platform delivers line-of-sight into an individual’s wellness, including incident outcomes, activity and mobility, and future risk of emergency transports or hospital admissions.

CareSage’s proprietary algorithms automatically calculate risk scores enabling healthcare organizations to reduce unnecessary ED visits and hospitalizations by identifying those individuals who may benefit from additional services or care interventions.

“Research has shown that a decline in mobility can be a significant predictor of future falls or events, and with earlier intervention, we can help reverse declining activity and prevent injuries or potential hospitalizations,” said Rosemary Kennedy, Chief Health Informatics Officer at Connect America. “With CareSage, we can help to identify those at risk of an adverse event. This enables care providers to intervene earlier before an individual’s condition worsens or becomes acute.”

The CareSage dashboard shows relationships between event data, such as the probability of a repeat occurrence of an incident in the home and the risk of a future event or hospitalization. The newly released version of the platform also includes a HIPAA-compliant architecture, retrained data, enhanced reporting, an improved predictive algorithm, and added features to increase precision and improve the overall user experience.

CareSage platform insights include:

  • Risk of transport – Identify patients at risk for hospitalization in the next 30 days, including data-generated risk predictions into clinical workflows.
  • Incident history – Incident outcomes to show insight into an individual’s wellness, even in non-emergencies, and create opportunities for follow-up interventions.
  • Activity and mobility at population and individual levels – Proactive identification of trends such as activity, steps or falls as well as declines in activity and other opportunities for intervention.
  • Additional insights – Fall events, ED transports versus assisted on-site, and risk for hospitalization.

In addition, other enhancements made across the platform include a new user interface (accessible on desktop, tablet and mobile), an easy-to-read format and dashboard with filtering options for an improved user experience, and an enhanced design for incident reporting of enrolled populations, including individual scorecards.

CareSage Analytics and Reporting Platform Results

Research conducted on the CareSage platform demonstrated its effectiveness in helping prevent unnecessary care utilization among senior and at-risk populations. Results from the IRB-approved study of over 370 randomized individuals using Connect America’s PERS with the CareSage platform and tailored interventions showed a significant reduction in readmissions, ED visits, and overall hospitalizations costs, including:

  • 68% decrease in 90-day readmissions with a corresponding triple decrease of proportion in patients with any 90-day readmission
  • 53% decrease in 180-day readmissions
  • 49% decrease in 180-day EMS encounters
  • 31% decrease in total hospitalization costs

These findings confirm that the CareSage platform can play a significant role in helping healthcare organizations facilitate earlier interventions that reduce unnecessary care utilization while enabling vulnerable and at-risk populations to remain safely in their homes.

“In today’s healthcare environment, it’s more important than ever for healthcare organizations to have access to accurate and actionable health data for their member and patient populations,” said Janet Dillione, CEO of Connect America. “The CareSage platform is designed to do just that, by empowering care providers with critical data and intelligence, so they can more effectively target interventions and programs for those who need them the most.”

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